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Get the deal for Bali Bird Park ticket now to see the world’s largest and most exquisite collection of Indonesian birds plus fantastic African and South Americans in Bali Bird Park.

The park covers two hectares of botanical landscape and is a sanctuary for nearly 1000 birds of 250 different species.

Bali Bird Park is home to an amazing flora display with more than 2000 tropical plants, including 50 palm varieties alone and attracting many butterflies.

The park has an excellent rate of success in captive replications of exotic birds like the Bird of Paradise and the Hornbill, incorporating a breeding, research and veterinary facility within the complex. Let your imagination FLY!

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Bali Bird Park entrance fee – Experience a thousand birds, 250 species, and a great day out. See the beautiful Bali starling and our exotic paradise birds, some of the rarest birds of Indonesia. Get closer and more personal to our splendid macaws and our majestic prey birds. It’s a day you’re always going to remember.


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Saksikan keindahan beraneka ragam jenis burung, dan spesies lainnya secara lebih dekat hanya di Bali Bird Park. Ini adalah pengalaman yang akan anda ingat selamannya.


  • Tiket masuk.
  • Pertunjukan burung
  • Pajak.

JAM Buka:  09.00-17.30

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Saksikan keindahan beraneka ragam jenis burung, dan spesies lainnya secara lebih dekat hanya di Bali Bird Park. Ini adalah pengalaman yang akan anda ingat selamannya.


  • Tiket masuk.
  • Pertunjukan burung
  • Pajak.

JAM Buka:  09.00-17.30

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Bali Bird Park + Atv ride tour is one of the amazing tour between Bird Park of Bali with ATV ride for your adventure experience. Morning pick up from your hotel and we will take you to visit Bali Bird park, Afterward, the trip will be continued to join on our Atv ride with journey pass the village, country side and some wet trek with 250 Quad bike.

Bali Bird Park + Ayung River Rafting tour is one of the great combination tour of exploring Bali Bird Park with adventure at Ayung river with white water rafting activities. Lets start your day with our amazing tour program with a visit Bali Bird Park and will be followed by rafting adventure across the Ayung river for approximately 1,5-2 hours.

Bali Bird Park + Mason Buggy ride is wait your visit as we challenge you on Buggy ride at Mason adventure Bali camp and combine with the beautiful bird of Bali. Morning trip to Gianyar Regency, a visit to Bali Bird Park and will be followed by joining an adrenaline filled Buggy tour for 3 laps at Mason Jungle Buggies track.

Bali Bird Park + Bali Elephant Camp ride give your an opportunity to see the colorful creature of Bird and see, ride the biggest animal on the planet “Sumatran Elephant at Bali Elephant Camp”. Let’s start your day with exploring Bali Bird Park and will continue to Bali Elephant Camp which offers the natural elephant ride experience in the tropical jungle garden.

Bali Bird Park + Bathing Elephant is a fabulous and great combination tour with early start from your hotel and headed to Mason Taro elephant park, wash, swim with Sumatran elephant and enjoy the morning breakfast and combine with visiting Bali bird park as the way to enjoy Bali with the singing of the birds.

Lets start your day with explore 7 different regions that recreate natural habitats and enjoy a variety of amazing shows. Your day out will be most memorable one as you will entertain by the sound of birds with our tropical garden. After our visit at Bird Park Bali, our trip continue to having river tubing experience, are you ready for that?



More than 20 years ago, the innovative Bali Bird Park came to the scene of ecotourism in Bali.

Our current owners are committed to preserving, conserving and reproducing not only the exotic lives of Indonesian birds, but also from other regions, and have a lifetime passion for everything that avian is.

For both our birds and our visitors we continue to improve the experience.


In Bali Bird Park, the natural habitats of their birds and the indigenous plant life are divided into regions. Come on with us on a magical tour of the Indonesian archipelago, Australia, Africa and Latin América.

When it’s time for a break, stop in the casual open – air restaurant (named after our lovely Bali Starling) and taste local and international cuisine, or stop at our Rainforest Café with a cool home – made ice cream or a refreshing tropical juice..

Visit our air – conditioned 4D cinema if you are looking for a different visual experience. Look at one of the surrounding sound films focusing on the birds.

Visit the neighboring Reptile Park with its most complete collection of reptiles in Southeast Asia for something different.

See the 8-metre – length, reticulated python, a comprehensive collection of Indonesian monitor lizards and the world – renowned Komodo Dragons.


In protecting and preserving endangered wildlife in Indonesia, the Bali Bird Park plays a major role.

In order to support the local release programmes, we have succeeded in breeding numerous species, including rare Pesquet’s Parrot and numerous Bali Starlings. In the park we host over 40 protected Indonesian bird species, of which increasing numbers are now successfully cultivating under the care of our staff.

More about Bali Bird Park click here

Get The Bali Bird Park Ticket Now from trusted official agent

The Bali Bird Park, built more than 20 years ago, is one of Bali’s most famous tourist attractions. This park opened in Bali for the first time in October 1995 and became one of Indonesia’s largest bird parks.

We offer special ticket prices for foreign tourists, of course, with a discount from us as ticket agents for Bali Bird Park. Prices for domestic tourists are offered at different prices, click here to find out the price of domestic tickets for entry into Bali Bird Park.

We advise reservations in advance to get Bali Bird Park ticket for those of you who come with groups of 20 or more and get special prices from us and for our group we can arrange better during your group visit to the Bird Park.

Special notes from us, it is not permissible for visitors to the Bali Bird Park to bring in their pets, all types of pets are not permitted to enter, as is commonly maintained by us, such as dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, hamsters and all other pets. The operation of the Bali Bird Park is 7 times a week, not from 09.00 to 17.30, every time we know, we are closed during the celebration of Nyepi in Bali.

The Bali Bird Park is built on an area of approximately two hectares, where there is a large collection of various birds, both birds from Indonesia and birds from other foreign countries, which are maintained and carefully breeded.

A collection of approximately 1000 species of poultry from the 250 species found and maintained in the Bali Bird Park.

Bali Bird Park is one of Bali’s most famous tourist attractions for holidaymakers, both for visits to your beloved partner or family. There is also one of Bali’s native birds in this bird park, whose existence is now very protected and this bird has a very small population, the bird’s name is Bali Starling. By booking Bali Bird Park ticket with us, your holiday will be unforgettable.

Nearly 300-700 people visit this park every day, especially during the holiday season or school holidays, eid holidays, anniversaries and other holidays, this place is very crowded with local tourists. For foreign guests, it is the busiest in June, July, August.

In addition to seeing various types of birds, travelers can also take pictures and take selfies in the park with all kinds of birds available. Take a chance no to get Bali Bird Park ticket online.

Location of Bali Bird Park

Located at Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir, Singapadu, Batubulan, Gianyar Regency-Bali, approximately 12 km from the international airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, the park can be reached in about 1 hour. If you take the Bali Mandara toll road from the airport, past Sanur and Batubulan village, the trip to Bali Bird Park will be shorter.

On the way to Singapadu village, you will pass the famous Sanur village with white sandy beaches and also the highest hotel, Inna Grand Bali Beach. You also cross the stone carving center in Batubulan or watch the Barong dance held every day from 09.30 to 10.30. And of course, you will pass the silver center in the village of Celuk, which is famous for its design.

Besides that, you can also stop by in Tohpati village if you want to see the center of Batik handicrafts and Batik weaving. In addition to passing through some of these attractions, other attractions not so far from Bali Bird Park can be visited.

The objects that you can combine with this visit are Sukawati Art Market with a distance of 10 minutes, Tegenungan waterfall with a distance of 20 minutes, Mas village with a distance of 30 minutes, Ubud village and Ubud Monkey Forest with a distance of 30 minutes.

If you like adventure tours, this visit of Bali Bird Park can be combined with rafting adventures with 20 minutes distance or ATV ride with 10 minutes travel time. So, if you visit this park, it is very suitable because after going around here you can easily visit other attractions.

Also popular tourist attractions and the distance is quite close and it is still possible to visit:

Exhibits at Bali Bird Park

The park consists of seven areas recreating the natural habitats of our birds and indigenous plants. And there is one additional exhibit, the Owl House.

Travel from Sumatra’s deep misty jungle to Papua and Far East Indonesia to discover the native birds of these remote regions. Explore other tropical continents, including Australia, South America, and the African Savannah. And walk side by side with pelicans , crested-cranes, storks, cassowaries, and a lot more birds walking freely in the park.

  • Bali region exhibits: Bali Starling, Bronze-tailed Peacock Pheasant, Peaceful/Zebra Dove, etc.
  • Java region exhibits: Banded pita, Asian Pied Starling, Javan Hawk Eagle, etc.
  • Papua region exhibits: Golden-necked Cassowary, Golden Pheasant, Amboina King Parrot, etc.
  • Borneo region exhibits: Nicobar Pigeon, Great Argus Pheasant, Crested Serpent Eagle, etc
  • Sumatra region exhibits: Senegal Parrot, Crested Hornbill, Lesser Coucal, etc.
  • South Africa region exhibits: Congo African Grey Parrot, Von der Decken’s Hornbill, Purple Glossy Starling, etc.
  • South America region exhibits: Scarlet Ibis, Glossy Ibis, Hyacinth Macaw, etc.
  • Owl House: our astonishing collection of nocturnal owls lives quietly in the traditional Toraja house that is specially adapted and you can not miss on entering the park.

Bali Bird Park Collection

Like our review about Bali Bird Park ticket above, as for the bird collection that belongs to the park is a blend of local bird collections with other foreign birds, as below:

Collection of birds originating in South America such as Makaw Skarlet and Hyacinth Macaw.

Bird collections from southern Africa such as African gray parrots are known for their ability to imitate human voices.

Collection of Birds from the Sumatra region such as the Crimson Wing Parakeet.

Bird collection from the Kalimantan region like the Golden Junai bird.

Collection of Birds from the Papua region like the Cassowary.

Javanese Bird Collection such as Javan Hawk-eagle, Snake-snake bido.

And collections that are indeed original birds from Bali are like Bali Starling birds.

Bali Bird Park Activities & Attractions

In addition to seeing birds, taking pictures and taking pictures, with Bali Bird Park ticket you can also see attractions such as:

  • Old parrots fly.
  • 4D Theater.
  • Seeing Komodo dragons.
  • Photos with birds that will be accompanied by our guide.
  • See the breeding of birds, from laying eggs to hatching.
  • In the Bali bird park, you can feed birds.

The tours that we offer at Bali Bird Park ticket are more about the nature of education for visitors or children, so that they know Birds, where they come from, how they are taught to love and preserve them, so that there will not be extinction and of course our generation come still be able to see birds in the wild or found in our bird park.

So you walk with the family in a function that is tourism and also a more important element of education.

Visitor Facility

This Balinese garden tourism object is sorted or divided into several sections or sections according to the origin of the bird species. Sectioning or habitat is made in such a way as to look like its natural habitat, so it can give a different impression during your visit.

During the visit inside you may bring a camera, cellphone or handheld to capture your visit in a photo or video, and if you are tired and hungry, you can drop by our cafe or restaurant that is comfortable and clean while ordering and enjoying various types food and drinks that we serve for visitors.

Besides that, in we provide and sell a variety of souvenirs that are connected with the theme of the visit in the Bird Park, do not worry about the price offered, of course at affordable prices, usually children will love the dolls they like.

If you have visited our bird park, maybe you like a visit to a tourist attraction Waterbom Bali which is also a tourist attraction that is very popular with all tourists, so you and your family can enjoy different rides and of course will get different experiences.

Oh yes if you are in Bali, we also offer special prices for Bali Water sports tours located on Tanjung Benoa Beach, enjoy Bali Bahari tours with various activities such as Turtle Island, snorkeling, diving, banana boating, jet skiing, fly fish, parasailing , wake board, fly board and there are still other games, right? contact us immediately and WA us at +62 81 239 69077



  1. Does my ticket price include hotel transfers?

The price of the Bali Bird Park ticket you pay is not included hotel transfer, you can book a taxi or order your own driver to the park.

  1. What time we can we visit Bali Bird park?

You can visit the Bali Bird Park full day, which is open from 09.00-17.30, we are open 7 times a week.

  1. How to visit Bali Bird Park?

You can order Bali Bird Park ticket online, then you can come to the location by your own vehicle or come with your own taxi.

  1. The best time to come to this park?

You can come at 9:00 in the morning, when the weather is sunny, if the rainy season, your visit is not so good.

  1. How long is the distance to Bali Bird park?

If you live in Kuta, it takes about 1 hour to arrive at our place

if you live in the Nusa Dua area, it takes about 1 hour to arrive at our place

if you live in the Sanur area, it takes about 20 minutes to arrive at our place.

if you live in the Ubud area, it takes about 25 minutes to arrive at our place

  1. Can we bring food and drinks?

if you visit our place, visitors are prohibited from bringing food and drinks.

Click the link for more Exhibits at Bali Bird Park.




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